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Heal Thy Soda

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Flavour Profile

Raspberry & Rose

These flavours work beautifully together with a soft almost spring feeling, like walking through a rose garden. It's light, fresh and the perfect drink if you enjoy subtle floral flavours. This is perfect to drink with friends at a picnic, on a warm summer's day.


Pineapple Lime & Mint

Like a well-crafted mojito, this tangy fresh pineapple flavour is perfectly matched with fragrant mint leaves and a hint of lime juice, leaving you with a feeling of being in a Mexican poolside retreat.

Passionfruit, Peach & Berry

Sparking the inner child in everyone with this take on passionfruit soda, we have ramped up the flavour with the added splash of raspberries.

Ginger Lime & Leomongrass

Get set for a wild ride full of flavour with this exotic take on ginger beer! Lemongrass brings an aromatic pop to the fiery kick of ginger, while a splash of lime juice zips you away to an Asian wonderland. Your taste buds will be begging for more!

Our Product

  • 100% real fruit-infused soda with only 4 natural ingredients and no sugar

  • Less than 9 calories per bottle

  • Lightly sparkling with the real fresh fruit taste in every sip

  • ACV Mother, good for your health

  • More interesting flavours to follow

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