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Festive Season Nutrition

Festive Season Nutrition

The Festive season is a time to enjoy good company and good food with family and friends. It can be great for the tastebuds but not so great for the waistline.

So, how do you maintain your weight and your health without overindulging in all the goodness?

We don’t want to deprive ourselves and miss out on social gatherings, so a few things we can do to help maintain a healthy weight over the festive season are:

1. Be aware of dessert stations – aim for fruit desserts. Fruits are a great choice as they are high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and lower in calories than processed foods such as chips or biscuits and chocolate puddings. If you do want the chocolate pudding, perhaps share it with a loved one so you only eat half a serve instead.

2. Food Choices! It can be tempting to indulge and try a bit of everything, so try swapping high calorie dense foods for lower calorie ones. Swap your sour cream for yogurt, potato for sweet potato, heavy dips for healthy plant-based bean dips etc. It all counts, and these small changes will make a difference.

3. Avoid snacking when you are bored. Ask yourself if you are hungry before reaching for those snacks! Drinking a Heal thy Soda health beverage throughout the day will help stop you from overeating and assist with weight loss. It’s a great beverage to keep you on track with your health goals as it’s low in calories and tastes amazing!

Party food can generally be unhealthy and unsatisfying. Try eating before you go to the party, so you are less tempted to indulge in unhealthy options. A light salad, protein shake or some fruit are great options. Also plan out how much and what you will eat at the party, so you don’t overindulge.

4. Hydrate! Stay hydrated with water between alcoholic drinks or better yet swap your alcoholic beverages for a fizzy heal thy soda health beverage with less than 10 calories per serve. You can even pour it into a champagne glass – no one will know the difference! Your gut health will thank you for it, you’ll consume heaps less calories and it will help you fight those cravings.

5. Move your body! Just because it’s the holidays, don’t let your exercise routine fall by the wayside. Keep on top of it and stay active every day, even if it’s just walking.

By focusing on filling your plate with more low-calorie volume foods, you will be on the right path to weight loss. For example, 1000 calories of healthy food will fill up a few plates, where 1000 calories of junk food would look tiny in comparison.

Add more plant-based foods to your plate like roasted vegetables and lightly dressed salads, limit your meat intake and enjoy an icy cold and refreshing bubbly Heal thy Soda health beverage with meals or between meals to help keep a healthy digestion instead of sugar laden soft drinks and high calorie alcoholic beverages.

Heal thy Soda is available in a variety of incredible fruity flavours. It is the perfect beverage to have stocked in your fridge or cooler bag this festive season for family, friends and kids!

Be sure to check out the stockists near you or place your order online here.

Written for Heal Thy Soda by The Plant Based Coach @plantbasedcoach

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