Real fruit

 tastes better.


Heal Thy Soda is Australia's first sparkling health beverage that's made from real fruit + botanicals with added benefits of Organic apple cider vinegar and no preservatives. 

Our beverage is never heated to retain the true flavour of the amazing fruit, botanical and mother culture that is 

good for your gut.


We are craftsmen, we enjoy the process of producing soda in small batches, keeping a close eye on everything allows us to use the finest 

Australian fruit and botanicals,

We dig it and hope you do too.


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HT Soda starts with an ultra filtered h2o, we make an infusion with 100% real Australian fruit and Botanicals for flavour.


We add raw, organic apple cider vinegar to each bottle, this allows us to avoid any preservatives, colours or lab made flavouring


We then balance the vinegar out with fermented glucose (erythritol),

for sweetness


That’s right only 4 ingredients,

No added laboratory made flavours, colours or preservatives,


Just real fruit + botanicals, apple cider vinegar and bubbly water.


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