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Four Steps to Progress

As we move into Autumn, many of us may have forgotten what New Year's resolution/s we had set for ourselves.

We thought it would be a great time to check in to see how those resolutions were

going and/or help you reset if needed. We all have the best intentions to set out new goals and aim to achieve them throughout the year, however most of us tend to lack in one particular area that keeps us from progressing.

There are 4 steps we must follow in order to progress in our goals whether it be Health and

Fitness, Business, Relationships, this applies to every area.

1. Make a PLAN ;

Making a plan, writing it down on paper will help us remain clear and

focussed in the direction we want to go. Break your plan down into smaller goals, this will

make it more sustainable and less overwhelming. A plan is like our roadmap/navigator to

get to where we are wanting to go.

2. Take ACTION ;

It is up to us to take action. No-one else can do this, only you.


Consistency is the biggest struggle for many. Making a plan and taking

action can come easy however being consistent can be a real challenge.

4. CHECK IN with your goal EVERY DAY ;

Most people fail to check in every day with their goal that they set out to achieve. Are you checking in every day? Are you ticking the boxes that will help you progress?

In summary, reflect on what you have been doing and ask yourself if it has been working for you. If not, sit down, rewrite your plan, and follow through with all 4 steps above to truly make some


In addition, if you struggle with sugar cravings or cravings in general try introducing our

apple cider vinegar fruit infused health beverage into your day.

Heal thy Soda health beverages have been helping people with overall health and weight loss

through improving digestive health, improving the immune system, improving skin, and what many people love about our drinks is that for those who consumed at least 2 Heal thy Soda beverages per day had less sugar cravings and subsequently controlled food consumption resulting is weight loss.

And Remember, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”. – Tony


You can find Heal thy Soda health beverages in many stores around Australia, or purchase from our website with free delivery across Australia.

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